Ven Vinder

Owner of the Sandpoint General Store


A gruff and brief man, Vinder is the owner and operator of the Sandpoint General Store.


The general store, run as much by his family as himself, is his life.

Ven has a particular fondness for harsh bitter grog and rotgut imported from places as far as the orc city of Urglin. His true pride, though, is his daughters, whom he dotes upon.

Ven walked in on his daughter, Shayliss, and Arcane Investigations own Vanovar in the cellar of the general store. Despite having been lying half-clothed on the cot when Ven entered the room, Vanovar‘s smooth talking skills were able to get him out of the situation with his reputation intact, and he was even paid a small sum for taking care of the store’s “rat problem”.

Ven Vinder

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