Shayliss Vinder

Daughter of Ven Vinder


A beautiful girl with long fiery red hair and an ample bosom.


Shayliss Vinder is the daughter of Ven Vinder and the sister of Katrine Vinder. Though her father keeps an eye on her sister more, for her flings with the local lumber mill operator, Shayliss is actually the more promiscuous of the two.

Shayliss took a particular liking to Vanovar of Arcane Investigations after they saved the town from the goblin raid. Under the guise that she needed help with a rodent problem in the cellar of the general store, she convinced Vanovar to come to help without the other party members.

Ven walked in on his daughter, Shayliss, and Arcane Investigations own Vanovar in the cellar of the general store. Despite having been lying half-clothed on the cot when Ven entered the room, Vanovar‘s smooth talking skills were able to get him out of the situation with his reputation intact, and he was even paid a small sum for taking care of the store’s “rat problem”.

Shayliss said she would be back to finish what they started.

Shayliss Vinder

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