Orik Vancaskerkin

Mercenary and Former Ally of Nualia


Orik is ruggedly handsome, with a visage and demeanor that doesn’t mesh well with smiles and laughter.


Orik is a mercenary from Riddleport. After a scam involving a tiefling prostitute, a shifty alchemist, and an elixir of love, Orik was forced to flee town.

Arcane Investigations defeated Orik in combat in the bowels of Thistletop. He surrendered, and a deal was struck. If he handed over his valuables and aided them in their fight against Nualia, the team would let him live and even keep his weapons and armor.

He agreed, gave them a description of the second level of the dungeon, and even aided them in battle against the wizard Lyrie, after failing to convince her to join the party.

During the battle with Nualia, Orik panicked when he heard the baying of her fearsome Yeth Hound. He dropped his shield and sword and ran. His location is still unknown.

Orik Vancaskerkin

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