Das Korvut

Owner of the Red Dog Smithy


Das Korvut is a bald and strong man who has a great affection for large red mastiffs and little patience for his customers and everyone else.


Das Korvut is the owner of the Red Dog Smithy. The town suffers his foul-mouthed attitude and frequent drunken midnight rants because he really does know his job, and as long as he’s busy hammering metal, he stays relatively calm and confined to his smithy. The local children have recently been circulating a somewhat cruel rhyme about Das that they’ve taken to chanting at hopsquares, a doggerel sure to come to an end once the smith hears it.

“Here comes crazy-man Das Korvut,
Mad as a cut snake in a wagun rut.
See how his chops go bouncity-bounce?
How many people has he trounced?
One! Two! Three! Four…”

Agna gained his interest when she showed him her musket and powder horn. Das Korvut is currently creating a second powder horn for her.

Das Korvut

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