Bugbear Mercenary


Bruthazmus is a bugbear ranger known to raid the Lost Coast Road from the northeastern Nettlewood. He particularly hates elves and wears a necklace of elf ears.


Bruthazmus is known to work as a bodyguard for Nualia Tobyn and frequently gets in fights with Shalelu Andosana of Sandpoint.

It is unknown how he came to work with Nualia. Arcane Investigations found him in the second level of the Thistletop dungeon, laughing and cavorting with Ripnugget’s many goblin wives. The bugbear and the goblins attacked, leaving the party no choice but to fight back. The wives were killed and the bugbear was mortally wounded. Agna chose to save the dying bugbear by staunching his wound with the burning hot barrel of her musket.

There was a disagreement in the party about what to do with him. Burning Ember wanted to kill the bugbear, noting that he wore elf ears around his neck and was likely to cause more trouble down the road. The rest of the party wanted to air on the side of mercy. Agna tied the bugbear up with some rope from her pack. When the party left the room, Ember stayed behind. A loud squishing sound could be heard, and when ember reappeared the end of his earthbreaker seemed more red than normal…

The party didn’t ask questions.


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