Brodert Quink

Local Historian and Thassilonian "Expert"


A shifty, nervous man with eyes that seem to hold dark secrets, Quink lives among his scrolls and Thassilonian artifacts.


Brodert Quink is the resident sage of the town of Sandpoint. Though his intelligence and education are undeniable, many of his theories are regarded as little more than fantasy by his peers and the community.

Brodert has chatted at length with members of Arcane Investigations about his theory that the Old Light was not a lighthouse but actually an ancient Thassilonian weapon that could destroy armies from miles away.

Arcane Investigations has also consulted him about a compendium of monsters demons found in the catacombs below sandpoint. He was quite interested in buying the book but had little to offer in the way of advice about killing said demons.

Brodert Quink

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