Aldern Foxglove

Local Noble and Avid Hunter



Aldern is a handsome man, with medium-length brown hair and fair skin.


Aldern is often seen wearing fine clothes befitting the aristocracy of Magnimar, whether hunting or carousing with women. Those who had the pleasure of conversing with Aldern typically found him charming, well-read and were often entertained by his seemingly endless cache of stories about the high life in Magnimar.

Arcane Investigations met Aldern during the raid on Sandpoint, and saved him from a particularly nasty goblin riding a goblin dog. When removed from the barrel he was hiding in, Aldern was quite thankful. He reimbursed them in gold, and also took them on a boar hunt in the tickwood. Aldern was quite taken with Arcane Investigations, and had many questions about “the adventuring life”, especially for Ember, who had crushed the goblin commando in a single blow.

After sharing the delicious boar, Aldern left town for business in Magnimar.

Aldern Foxglove

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